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Sponsoring Municipalities
City of Portage la Prairie
Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie

Membership Application Requirement
Two pieces of identification with the individual’s current name and address
Those under the age of 18 must have his/her card signed by a parent/guardian

Membership Types

Anyone residing in the two sponsoring municipalities or non-residents owning or renting property in the same municipalities will be considered a resident member
There is no charge for resident membership

Anyone not meeting resident requirements
A membership fee of $20.00 single or $45.00 family is required
Membership expires one year from date of purchase

For those living in the sponsoring municipalities on a temporary basis (3 months or less)
A $15.00 deposit is required of which $10.00 may be refunded at the termination of the membership

Available to resident organizations and teachers who teach within the boundaries of the funding municipalities
For organizations and teachers teaching outside these boundaries there is a $60.00 annual fee
Allows organizations and teachers to borrow larger quantities than regular members