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eLibraries Manitoba (eLM)
The Government of Manitoba, through Public Library Services, and the rural public libraries of Manitoba, have joined forces to purchase licenses to download eBook and audio book titles for public library members.  eLibraries Manitoba (eLM) is similar to a print library.
The number of copies available for downloading is regulated by how many licenses are purchased for each title.
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RB Digital offers a vast collection of magazines and audiobooks for loan, featuring the best literature in a wide variety of genres along with an outstanding collection of award-winning Children’s and Young Adult titles.
With your Library card, countless titles are available for FREE download to your device, to borrow for your reading or listening pleasure.
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National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS)
The NNELS website is an online public library of books published in accessible formats for Canadians with perceptual disabilities. Perceptual disabilities (commonly known as “print disabilities”) include three broad categories of people who require accessible formats, severe or total impairment of sight, hearing, the inability to focus or move one’s eyes, the inability to hold or manipulate a book, or an impairment relating to comprehension.

NNELS has been made available to public libraries by the Province of Manitoba through Public Library Services.