Contact Information Collection Requirement Effective November 3, 2020

Hello everyone, the provincial government announced today that all health regions outside of Winnipeg will be in the Restricted (Orange) level,
while the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region will be in the Critical (Red) level.
The corresponding restrictions associated with these levels will come into effect on November 2.

For those of us in Portage, this means there will be many changes occurring in businesses and public spaces.
At the Library specifically, we will now be required to take contact information from all visitors/attendees.
This is in conjunction with everyone over the age of 8 being required to wear a mask when entering the Library.

What this means is, when someone enters the Library they will be required to provide library staff their name and phone number so that,
in the event contact tracers need to track individuals who were at the Library,
this information will be readily accessible to them.
If you come to the Library multiple times a day, you will be required to provide your information each time.

The information acquired for contact tracing will not be disclosed to anyone except for authorized library staff and provincial medical staff,
and the information will be destroyed 21 days after the day it was acquired.

For any questions or concerns about the contact tracing process,
please contact the Library at 204-857-4271,

or email the Head Librarian, Richard Bee, at
Pandemic Response System_November2_2020