Pickup Service – Effective November 3, 2020

Pickup service is available for non-mask wearing members of the Portage la Prairie Regional Library.
Below is the procedure the Library will follow for this service:

1. Pickup times for library items are available between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Tuesday to Saturday.
Staff are in the building between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Tuesday to Saturday.
Scheduled times are only available for 15 minutes.
If people do not show up for their scheduled time, they will have to schedule another pickup.

2. Request for materials will be made by either calling the Library to request specific items,
emailing the Library to request specific items, or by placing holds on items through the Library catalog.

Once staff have collected the requested items, they will contact the person to schedule a pickup time and will sign the items out to that person.

3. Fines and fees over $6 on a Library account must be paid down before pickup service will be available to that person.
Staff may collect money from people using the pickup service, but the person doing the pickup must bring the exact amount they
will pay that day with them. No change will be made at the Library, and there is no debit or credit service available.

4. If the requested items are DVDs, a $1/DVD rental fee will still be charged to the person.
Payment will be made at the time of the delivery, and it must be made with exact change.

5. Requested items will be delivered to people outside the main entrance doors.
If the person picking up the items is driving, they will park in front of the main entrance doors.
If the person picking up the items has a cell phone, we request they call the Library upon arrival to ensure a timely delivery.
They will be required to open their trunk or side door for staff to place the items into.
Staff will not open the vehicle to place the items into it.
b. If the person is cycling or walking to pick up items, they will be required to bring a suitable container or bag to place their requested items into.
Staff will only hand the materials over, they will not place the items into the container or bag.