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If you already have an account with OneClickdigital, click here:

When creating an account in OneClickdigital, please use the same username and password you use for your RBdigital eMagazine (Zinio) account.  The two services, OneClickDigital and RBDigital, will be merging in June, 2017, requiring only one login account.

Initial Setup:

1.  Before visiting the OneClickdigital website, a valid library membership is required.
2.  Visit the OneClickdigital website.
3.  Click Register.  Fill in the account setup form and click on Register when finished.

Using OneClickdigital on a Computer:

1.  After registering, click the ? button in the top right corner.
2.  Choose the appropriate audiobook app for your computer (Windows or Mac).  Follow the instructions, accept terms, and install.
3.  Within the app, click on Browse for a title online button.  This will take you to the OneClickdigital website.
4.  Choose a featured title or enter search terms in the Search box.
5.  From the info screen of the title, click on the dropdown menu to choose your checkout period (from 1 to 21 days).  Click on the Check Out button.
6.  When asked to open or save the file, click on Open.
7.  The OneClickdigital app will re-open.  Click on the Refresh button and your new checkout will appear.
8.  To listen on your computer, press the Play button.  To download and transfer to a device, ensure your device is plugged into your computer, and then click the Download and Transfer button.

Using OneClickdigital on your Tablet or Smartphone:

1.  Follow the Initial Setup instructions above.
2.  Download the OneClickdigital app from the app store on your device.
3.  Open the app.  Choose Canada as your country.
4.  Input the library card number, username, or email associated with your OneClickdigital account.
5.  Input your OneClickdigital password.  (Note:  This should be the same password you created for your OneClickdigital account during the Initial Setup process.)  Tap the Arrow button,
6.  To find an eAudiobook to borrow, tap Search at the bottom of the screen.
7.  Tap the cover of the title you want to borrow.  Select your checkout period.  Tap Check Out.
8.  Tap My Titles at the top of the screen.  Your eAudiobook should appear.  Tap the Arrow button to download.  Now tap the Play button to begin listening.

Patron email support is available at and phone support is available at 877-77-AUDIO.